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25 Feb, 2008

Adding a Home Gym Can Add Value to your Home

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home gyms add valueFurnishing home gyms can add resale value to your home in much the same way as adding any other additions or finishing a part of the basement as a home office or making the attic over the garage into a sewing room. It just makes good sense to add warm lighting, noise proofing, rubber mats, mirrored walls and a good sound system to any unused part of your home. If the exercise equipment is bolted down it becomes part of the home and would be included in any sale unless removed before the home is offered for sale or is specifically exempted from the sales agreement.

Even if home gyms are less involved and only amount to fresh paint and a little extra ventilation in the basement the effort can still go a long way toward making the home show better to prospective buyers. Instead of a dank basement the effort made in the fitness area will show the room to be usable space with more prospective value to the future home purchaser.

If home gyms are designed in the original architectural plan of a new home their will be much more room for well thought out features. There are probably good financial arguments for building home gyms rather than adding them later. For one thing the costs are incorporated into the original home financing and spread out over the length of the mortgage. Also the builder will get a discount on materials which the individual won’t get on later home improvements. And of course the exercise equipment itself can be added into the mortgage just as the kitchen appliances are part of the financed amount.

Getting things set up right ensures that long term health benefits can be garnered from the careful planning of home gyms. Well maintained home gyms will add resale value. In the long run good health is a good investment. Perhaps a home gyms review should be one of the steps in planning any new home.

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