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01 May, 2008

Weider Home Gyms Reviewed

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Weider home gyms are very popular pieces of home fitness equipment. Weider offers a wide range of products for home gym enthusiasts. It is known for producing functional gyms that are priced attractively compared to its competitors.

Weider’s parent company is one of the largest producers of fitness related machines and equipment. Another subsidiary of the same company is Reebok.

Weider gyms usually make use of crossbows or crossbars in order to provide resistance. As against weight stack gyms that come with pulleys, these end up being more affordable and take up a considerably lower amount of space – something home users really appreciate.

You should keep in mind though that the small size and low prices of Weider gyms doesn’t mean that they are not good enough. In fact, most Weider home gyms allow you to perform a number of different exercises. You can use them to work all parts of your body such as your abs, back, legs or arms.

Several Weider home gyms models are available in the market and each one has its own unique features. The Weider Max, for example, provides maximum resistance of 240 lbs. Similarly, the Weider Advantage provides the resistance of 240 lbs. Both these models make it possible to perform 65 different exercises.

The Weider Platinum home gym provides for 75 exercises and 340 lbs. of resistance. It also features a Digital Resistance Control which helps you control the resistance by simply touching a button and no manual adjustment.

All the above models are crossbow based and many are perfect for baseball players.

For the price at which Weider home gyms are available, they are a good deal, especially for the beginner. They may not be built as sturdily as their expensive counterparts from other brands but they help you start exercising and keeping fit for a small investment.

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