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12 May, 2008

Best Places to Buy a Home Gym

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Having exercise machines at home can be a great incentive to getting in regular Home Gyms at Yard Salesworkouts. The nice thing is that today the cost for home gym machinery is nowhere near as prohibitive as it once was. Here are some tips to finding exercising machines that will not break your budget.

One of the best places to check for discount machines for exercise is with your local sporting goods stores. Often, they will have floor models that may have sustained a scratch or two. Other than a little cosmetic flow or two, there will absolutely nothing wrong with the machine. With some luck, you can cajole the manager into letting you have the floor model for a nice discount, may even up to half of the retail price. It is a nice way to get a quality piece of equipment for yourself and also a good way for the store to make a profit on something that they could never sell at full price.

You will also want to check out ebay where you can pick up some great bargains. Don’t forget that nowadays ebay isn’t just people selling things they no longer have a use for! It’s become a whole shopping experience in itself!

Another great place to look for home gym machines is at local second hand store and thrift shops. You would be surprised how often exercise bikes and weight benches find their way to those venues. There will be nothing wrong with them, other than the fact that someone ended up using them for shirt racks and finally decided to get them out of the house. Chances are you can pick up these items at anywhere from twenty-five to fifty percent of what a new model would cost you.

Yard sales are another good place to look for exercise equipment for the home. Once again, items that have rarely been used will be found for a low price. Often, the homeowner just wants to dispose of the equipment and is not looking to make a killing. Dicker with the owner a little over the price and you can usually shave a few more dollars off the purchase price.

Working out at home is a great way to ensure that there are no excuses to get at least some exercise every day. With exercise machines just waiting for you to bring them home, get out there this weekend and find some equipment that will help you to be healthy and happy.

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