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06 Jul, 2008

Coupons for Home Gym Equipment

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Fitness is something, which doesn’t come overnight. A lot of things go along the way to achieve the sculpted fit body. You got to become lean to burn more fat because the more lean your muscle tissues are the more your body burns the calories at rest. The BMR or the basal metabolic rate is the number of calories your body burns per day and at rest of course this varies depending on age, sex and weight factors. Normally, the BMR range is 1,200-1,300 calories for women and 1,400-1,600 for men. Body’s metabolism is crucial to burn calories. There are some exercises that can be followed to increase your BMR so that you become lean and burn more fat at rest. The cardiovascular exercises are the best exercises for trimming and burning calories for those people who are having difficulty in losing or burning the fat. Cardiovascular exercise is nothing but a sort of exercise where muscles draw more oxygen, fats, and glucose in the system increasing the cardiovascular endurance. This helps in burning of fat in the body. This means that to involve your muscles to burn fat you need to increase your heart rate and a minimum time period of exercise to benefit is to continue doing it for more than 30 minutes, as research has shown that doing any activity for 25 minutes, let it be exercise, comes under daily routine exercise, anything more than 25 minutes starts burning the calories at a rapid rate. Three days per week of cardio or aerobic exercise are good for training. Cardiovascular exercise should be done for approximately 15 to 60 minutes.

Weight training along with cardiovascular exercise is best to burn the fat at rest. The more muscular you are the more the calories burning metabolism you have. Going for a gym is a healthy thing but for those who can’t go to gym they should go for home gyms. There is lots of equipment, which are scientifically developed, for home purpose and are safe and compatible. Today, we need not physically visit the store to purchase the equipment as they can be purchased online through and it has offers of gift coupons, discount coupons for, so that you can save while shopping for equipment.

If you want to build muscle mass an ideal machine will be the compact gym machine. Treadmill is the best option for those who love running because it doesn’t require going out of the home and it can be used to build stamina and burning fat. There are especially designed steppers with resistance bands so that those with restriction of aerobic or treadmill exercise can walk on the stepper to burn calories.

Along with good exercise small and frequent meals are advised to stimulate your metabolism. Never skip your breakfast. A good breakfast should be taken because its your first meal of the day and your body burns fat much faster after eight to 10 hours of sleep, breakfast provides a critical energy surge for the day. Eating small meals six to eight times per day in fact burns more fat and three full meal programs builds more fat because any nutrient excess present in the system is converted to fat as storage.

Starving is the worst thing you could do because after a fast whatever input is given is converted to fat by the body as storage. Taking fewer carbohydrates and more of protein is good for health and the results are amazing if followed along with exercise. fitness and health is in our own hands but waking up before the bell will stop the alarm.

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