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03 Sep, 2008

Mens Health Issues Often Neglected

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If you’re like most guys I know, you take good care of yourself by going to the gym and eating right, but you don’t often take good care of your medical issues through regular physicals and doctor visits.

This is especially true when it comes to personal male issues like erectile dysfunction.  No guy wants to talk about that!  Luckily, today’s man has less issues with ED than in previous generations because this infliction is often easily solved with new wonder drugs like Cialis and Viagra.

For me, my biggest issue has been hair loss.  Luckily, that’s easily taken care of also.  There’s hair transplants and the drug Propecia really works well for guys.  I know because I’ve taken it for years and it has all but stopped my receeding hairline.  You really can stop hair loss with drugs like Propecia.

Curing herpes is another issue that is a very private matter.  I’ve never had it, but I’ve known guys who have.  Drugs like Valtrex, however, can really knock that ailment out.

I don’t know why guys have such trouble talking about health issues, but if this article does one thing, it will get men to take better care of themselves before they have a serious medical issue, then we’ve done a good thing at Discount Home Gyms.

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