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25 Sep, 2008

Treadmill Review – 3 of the Most Affordable

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Treadmill Reviews: Image Treadmills From Icon Fitness

Image treadmills are the low-end offerings from Icon Fitness, the same company responsible for Proform and Nordic Track treadmills. But Image treadmills lack the quality of those well-respected machines, and retail in some cases for only $400.00.

The most appealing thing about Image treadmills, in fact, is their low price; simply put, they lack the quality and durability to stand up to regular long-term use. But they are good treadmills for people who want to give treadmill workouts a test, and see how committed they are to a continuing treadmill exercise program.

If you decide after a few weeks that treadmill work is not for you, you’ll only be out about four hundred dollars, and may even be able to recoup some of that by selling your Image treadmill to someone else!

Treadmill Reviews: Weslo Treadmills For Bottom Fishers

Priced at less than two hundred dollars, Weslo treadmills are best for those who want to walk, and not run, their way to fitness. Weslo treadmills, also made by Icon Fitness, are backed by a measly ninety-day warranty, and have been known to expire shortly after their warranties do.

The reality is that when you buy a low-priced treadmill,, you get neither as large a motor nor as large a workout surface as you do with more costly machines. Cheap treadmills are designed for light use, mostly for walking and possibly for infrequent jogging. If you want to become a competitive athlete, fo your running outside or purchase a more substantial treadmill.

Low priced machines are going to lack power and will come with smaller running areas than their more expensive counterparts. Cheap models are very much entry-level units that have been designed for lighter use. They are for power walkers or occasional running. Serious runners should invest in one costing over $1000 or stick to the roads; this company’s machines aren’t for you.

But if you are a fitness walker, then the Weslo treadmills can probably handle the punishment you give them for a decent length of time. And the Weslo treadmills, even with their low prices, have adjustable speed and incline controls and some electronic features you would expect only on more expensive models.

Treadmill Reviews: Smooth Treadmills, Smooth Ride

The highest-priced of the low-priced treadmills, Smooth treadmills can be found for about a thousand dollars, the price for their 5.15P treadmill.

The 5.15P from Smooth will give you the advanced features of more costly machines, but not their quality. Many fitness buffs consider this treadmill great as an entry-level machine, and they are so popular among beginning athletes that you may have to get o n a waiting list to get yours.

These treadmill reviews have given you an idea of where to look for the least expensive options, so don’t let you pocketbook stand in the way of your starting a fitness program today!

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