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29 Sep, 2008

Using Elliptical Machines Effectively to Eliminate Holiday Weight Gain

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As summer disappears and holiday season nears many people begin to worry about holiday weight gain. Considering how the average person gains 5-15 lbs between thanksgiving and new years it is a valid concern to many people. But with some basic fitness and elliptical training this problem can be avoided altogether.

Working out on elliptical machines will help your body increase its metabolism, burn more calories and shed any unwanted weight gain faster. But just getting on an elliptical trainer and running will not give the most effective workout you could get if you just put a few simple methods into play.

How To Maximize Your Elliptical Workouts For Weight Loss

Make Sure Your Heart Is At The Right Level– The key to losing weight through exercise is to make sure you achieve aerobic heart rates during your elliptical exercise session. The aerobic level will vary from person to person based on height,weight and over all physical condition. You may need to speak to your doctor or physical trainer to determine your aerobic heart rate.

Combine Elliptical Workouts With Weights– Aerobic exercise while great for losing weight does not build a whole lot of muscle. And the more lean muscle you have on your body the faster you can burn calories and lose weight. Having a leaner body also makes it harder to gain weight in the first place! A simple circuit weight training program will do wonders for you weight loss efforts and can be done two times a week either by itself before or after your aerobic exercises.

Do Not over Do It– Over training is a common problem and to much exercise can do your body more harm then good. Signs of over training are fatigue, constant pain and lack of endurance. To avoid over training give yourself at lest two days of from any type of exercise two days a week. Many people like to take weekends off and concentrate on fitness during the week! After all if you are hurt you cannot workout and you will end up right back where you started, so be careful and take it easy!

Learn more Elliptical Workout Basics and how an Elliptical Machines can help get you in shape fast!

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