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14 Jan, 2009

Shop Wiki for Health Products

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There is just so much on the internet it’s actually overwhelming, isn’t it?  This year, 26% of all retail sales in the USA will be done on the internet!  Given our poor economy, isn’t it scary that one of our presidential candidates can’t get on the internet without his wife’s help!

The other thing about the internet is that people have become oblivious to advertising and now people don’t trust advertised products like they used to.  That’s because we want legitimate organic searches for products, not paid advertisements.  That’s why I love to shop for health products online at  ShopWiki combs the internet shopping sites the same way that Google does so it lists all of the sites, not just the ones it may have advertising deals with.

I also like the way that Shop Wiki gives information on products and just doesn’t list the products themselves.  It’s actually a great source of information, even if you’re not there to buy.  Like most guys, I work long hours and still find time to hit the gym.  Getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night, doesn’t help the dark circles around my eyes.  So, that’s why I loved reading the Men’s Grooming Guide at Shop Wiki.  It gave me ideas on how to cover up the dark circles.

The Personal Care Guide was also interesting.  I’ve been looking for a good pedometer online for when I run and they had a great selection of pedometers there.  I also am considering buying a massager from this section as the older I get, the more sore my muscles get after a workout.

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