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17 Jan, 2009

Avoiding Panic Attacks

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 Our 24/7 world is causing more stress in individuals and with the ailing economy, reports of panic attacks continue to increase.  The author believes that suffering from panic attacks is not necessary if you just follow these easy steps.  Of course, nothing beats a good half hour run at the gym or enjoying participating in a favorite game of basketball or baseball.

Have you felt a sudden shiver,shakiness and your heart started to beat like an express Panic attackstrain? Have you felt sudden bouts of pain in your body, particularly in the stomach or shoulders without any physical ailment? Have you felt a sudden choking sensation or lump in the throat when trying to speak to a group of people?

If you answered yes, then you have come under a Panic Attack. Do not feel lonely as there are a majority in this world who undergo panic attacks almost daily.

Panic Attacks are fears that are not real. Meaning they are only imagined fears with no real threat to physical life. Our brains are equipped with a built in mechanism to activate the fight-flight mode whenever we are under real threat, physically from outside forces. This mechanism was built to safeguard us from predators in the caveman era.

In the present era, we do not have much of real fear and physical threat like the caveman era. Even if this fear is not real and only imagined, our minds do not know the difference and it produces all the chemical and physical reactions in order to set us up for the fight-flight mode. This is what is being manifested as anxiety or panic attacks.

Panic attacks are only unreal fearful feelings in the mind, manifested as sensations in the body. These unreal fears are based on past conditioning and limitations of the mind. For example if you have had a bad experience in talking in presence of a group in your childhood, this memory would be stored in your mind-body apparatus and will manifest as a fear and cripple you, when you try to address a group in your adulthood. As you can see this is not a real threat to your physical life, but your mind perceives it as a real threat and produces all the physical sensations to prepare you for the fight-flight mode.

How to Get Rid of Panic Attacks Now For Good?To Get Rid of Panic Attacks for Good, you must first understand that those fears are not real and it is only imaginary. So you have to be prepared to feel the fearful feeling fully and allow it to go the full circle. The more you avoid the fearful feeling the more you empower it. Once you feel it fully, it has served its purpose and will not bother you anymore. It can be felt fully at the scene or if you cannot feel it on the spot, find a quiet time and recall the specific incident and try to feel the feeling fully to the best of your ability.

There is a much easier way to get rid of panic attacks for good using latest cutting edge technology. You need to use this technology only for 30 minutes a day and you do nothing, but just sit and listen. The technology does all the work on your behalf. What this technology does is, it calms and relaxes you mind-body and quiets your mind within the shortest possible time and you will be much less prone to panic attacks altogether. Once your mind is quiet all past fears and limiting memories cease to have any effect on your mind. When your mind is not in the past or future, but in the present moment, there is no room for whatsoever panic attack to have any effect on you.

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