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23 Jan, 2009

Lose Body Fat

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 There is no magical solution to weight loss.  If there was, everybody would be in shape, because who, after all, wants to be fat?Lose fat  Let’s face it, none of us gets to the gym enough if we have high stress jobs, so the best way to watch your waistline is to watch your fat intake and excercise in your home gyms.  Perhaps you like baseball, football, weight lifting, or bingo (ok, maybe not bingo) it really doesn’t matter.  Just get out there and do something.

Are you among the 70 million people who is looking for tips for the best way to lose their body fat? If you are, I bet your head must be turning in different directions by now with all the the numerous weight loss diet ads and promotions claiming that their product is the “magic” cure to obesity.

The fact is most dieters prefer to start their diets with products that offer them quick results or shall we say “quick fixes”. And that is by using prescription drugs for weight loss management. However, prescription weight loss pills are still considered to be drugs, that is why they are closely regulated by the FDA.

Are You Familiar With These 3 Types of Weight Loss Drugs?

1. Appetite suppressants
2. Fat burners
3. Fat blockers

Among these drugs, fat blockers have gained a rather huge popularity a couple of years ago with the release of the first FDA approved over the counter weight loss drug called Alli. This fat blocker is a brand name of xenical which works by blocking an enzyme called lipase and this process causes the inhibition of fat being absorbed by your body and subsequently the fats are eliminated through the stool.

Although fat blockers’ immediate side effects are a bit messy, these prescription drugs have become the preferred product to be used by most people who wants quick weight loss results. When you decide to try this out, it is important that you understand that the mode of action of these drugs interfere with the absorption processes of our body, thus, it is not advisable to be used for long term purposes.

This method has been used to successfully jump-start most diet programs and they work more effectively when people using it would modify their diets and complement it by doing regular exercises.

Prescription weight loss pills have brought about a positive change in the way people try to lose weight even with its side effects. Although there are some diet pills that really work, there are more of these weight loss pills that has only jumped into the frenzy and excitement of people offering them false hopes of fitness.

The diet craze fanned the desire of people to lose pounds fast by just popping in a pill, disregarding the dangers of any side effects that these synthetic drugs have. As a result, there are those who are afraid to try them because of the popular notion about drugs…”If it can heal, it can kill!”, not to mention the bad publicity and tragic side effects that some diet pills have brought about before.

Do not get me wrong, diet pills that really work can be good and they cannot be all that bad, but do you realized that none of these diet pill manufacturers have ever claimed of keeping the fat away once you stop taking the pill? I just want you to think about that the next time you plan to try one out.

It’s a good thing that most dieters today are starting to make smart choices and opt to choose an all natural and safe weight loss diet plan. Modifying the way you eat without compromising your nutrition and your love for food would most certainly make you stick to your weight loss and exercise program for the long term.

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