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27 Jan, 2009

Defibrillator Recall

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Sometimes technology goes wrong.  There’s curently a defibrillator recall going on with some products manufactured by Medtronics.

We at Discount Home Gyms hope you never need a defibrillator and if you go to the gym regularly, the chances of your needing one are certainly decreased.  But, nothing in life is for sure.  And, if you’ve prepared for something like this, you surely do hope that it works properly.  After all, your life may depend on it.

The Medtronic defibrillator Recall affects many editions of the devices.  If you have had one installed, you may need a Medtronic Recall Lawyer.  Getting help from an attorney on such an important matter is serious stuff.  You know that insurance companies don’t want to pay for these kinds of things so a lawyer just might be necessary.

Certainly, we hope nobody needs to have new surgery from this product.  But, a Defibrillator Lead Recall may be needed.

If you have had a defibrillator installed, do yourself a favor.  Check it out with the help of a lawyer.

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