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06 Feb, 2009

Home Fitness Equipment from Smooth Fitness

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This blog covers a lot of topics, but in the end, it was started as a blog to report on home fitness equipment and that’s what we intend to continue to report on.  One site you may want to check out is Smooth Fitness.

The most commonly purchased item for a home gym is a treadmill.  Most people would say that a treadmill is the single most important piece of exercise equipment in the house.

As we get older, cardio-fitness is the single most importan exercise we can do to improve health.  Ellipticals offer another great workout and are best for people who have knee problems as there is no pounding on the knee joints when using ellipticals.

Exercise bikes are another great workout.  It’s best to vary those workouts with differing types of exercise.  An exercise bike is the best thing for really getting your legs pumped up.

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