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07 Feb, 2009

Get Six Pack Abs

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I am sure that by now you have tried several ways to try to obtain that elusive six-pack 6 pack absor maybe you decided to settle for a four pack. Thinking that four is easier than six. Well there are many schools of thought about the best way to develop your abdominal muscles. I have discovered how to get a six-pack at home using the top 5 ab exercises.What one needs to keep in mind is that you will need to isolate the abs during your workout routine in order to develop them. Of course we also must remember that diet is also a factor. You can have nicely developed muscles, which will never be seen because they are covered by a layer of fat. Nobody will appreciate your six-pack if it is buried by fat.

I have found that by using resistance bands in conjunction with some isolation exercises, it can speed up the process and develop your abs quicker. Resistance bands are fairly inexpensive and very portable. It is easy to pack them in a carry on or a book bag, sort of like a portable gym.

The following five, ab-isolating exercises are what I have found to be the quickest and most portable routine for your abs. Repeat these exercises using slow and controlled movements.

1 Lie down with your knees bent and the resistance band fastened behind you, take the handles in your hands, extend your arms parallel to your knees stretching the bands. Raise your head and shoulders and press up doing a crunch. To isolate the muscles further try to lift your toes off from the ground while keeping you heels on the ground. Move slowly and smoothly on the way up and on the way back down. Use slow and controlled movements.

2 For the next movement, stay on your back with your knees up and feet flat on the ground. While still holding on to the bands, stretch the bands by placing your arms parallel to your torso and ground alongside your hips. Now raise your head and shoulders isolating your abs and reach down along your right side then alternate the stretch down the left side. Again using slow and controlled movements.

3 Next turn around and place the handles of the bands around your toes. Now bring your knees into your chest while raising your torso to a 45-degree angle, extending your arms parallel to the ground. Now extend your legs back out while lowering your upper body. Don’t let your legs or your upper-body touch the ground.

4 For the fourth exercise keep the bands around your toes and lie flat with your hands palm down under your buttocks. Making sure the bands are taut, raise both of your legs off the floor about 4 inches. Then alternating legs, raise each one to around a 45-degree angle. When lowering your legs do not let them rest in the floor, keep them raised at least 4 inches while the other one is elevated to a 45-degree angle.

5 Finally for the last movement, lie flat with your back on the mat and your head between the handles of the resistance bands. Bring your knees up, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Reach with your hands on each side of your neck and grasp the handles of the bands. Now roll up doing crunches while making sure to keep the small of your back stable and your feet flat.

Well there you have the method to achieve a six-pack at home. If you really want to turn it up a notch and uncover the muscle beneath the blubber check out what Mike Geary has to say. And don’t forget to pick up his free report and uncover your abs today.

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