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10 Feb, 2009

Energy Supplements

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Life’s tough some times.  It’s tiring. 

Your boss expects you to work late hours since they laid off your colleague and you absorbed his work.  You’re still expected to coach your son’s basketball team.  And, oh yeah, get to the gym every day.

Running out of gas?

A protein shake can really get you the electrolytes and corresponding energy that you need to get everything done.  And, the chocolate ones really taste great!  If you missed lunch, they really fill you up and prevent hitting the snack machines for a Milky Way.

In our busy schedules, few of us have the time to dine and receive the protein that we need to build muscle at the gym.  If you’re just eating normally, there’s nothing extra to build on.  I love the natural Whey isolate protein shakes.  I’m really not a chocolate guy so vanilla suits me better.

Most guys prefer whey protein drinks.  Its the organic protein in them that really helps to build muscle and its good for you too!  There is this guy in the gym who first told me about Energy First and it really helps me.  I keep a couple in the office and drink them at the end of a tough day.  On the drive to the gym, I’m refreshed and ready to lift or run on the treadmill.

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