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04 May, 2009

Lose 10 Pounds Quick

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When it comes to losing weight – there are about a billion ways to go about it. With all theweight loss creams, and the vitamins, and the programs, sites, ebooks, etc. But what is healthy and what really works? Frankly, I hate writing about health and losing weight sometimes because so and so has a website for a “magic” pill that can help YOU lose weight while playing fantasy baseball.And me? I don’t believe it. If you want to lose weight there has to be three facets. Number one you have to want to lose weight. Yes, it is about will. Number two you have to find the RIGHT program or product. Not just anything will do. And most importantly, number three, you always have to think about your safety. There is no magic pill guys. I’m sorry to say it.

Even with 10 pounds, you will still have to work at it. No one loses weight by eating cheeseburgers or loses weight healthily by binging and purging – so just don’t do it! If you want to lose 10, 20 or even 50 lbs – I think I might have found something truly legit. And it’s not about the magic blue pill that you can take while still eating 5 cheeseburgers a day.

It’s about exercising routinely, eating right, and following the guidelines of a virtual personal trainer. These guys use techniques other than “fantasy” in order to help YOU get where you want and get that cheerleaders figure you once had. Meal plans, workouts (for your body and weight class) and support are available to you. It’s actually really cool because you can do it right from home – through email no less!

This is cool for those of you that either don’t have time, can’t make time, or are even self-conscious about your body. Oh you know who you are! You are finally ready to lose the weight, you make a choice to go to the home gym, and then you get there and realize that you are super uncomfortable. So you leave and you never come back! Well now you don’t have to be scared anymore or self-conscious.

Do everything right from email or text message – right from home. If after you get into shape and lose the weight you want – then you can go to the gym. This is an ideal program for anyone in these situations. It’s easy, convenient and cost efficient – and no more blue, green, red, orange or any other colored “magic” pills to take! Lose weight – but do it safely by a trained professional!

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