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17 May, 2009

Medical Alerts are Great for Elderly

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It’s a real problem.  Your parents or grandparents are getting older and Grandpa has early stage Alzheimers Disease.  You want him to live at his home for as long as possible.  He’s coherent most of the time, but sometimes he just says and does some things that are just not right.

If Grandpa had a GPS tracking bracelet, it could be used as a medical alarm for him.  This would allow him to live at home longer than he otherwise would be able to.  The bracelet contains a cell phone where he can contact you and also has a GPS in it so that if he wanders too far from home, you’ll be able to find him easily.

Another problem among the elderly is in falling.  You might remember that funny commercial “I’m falling and I can’t get up.”  Well, it might have been funny in the commercial, but it’s not funny if its your loved one.  The fall alert is another medical alarm device that can possibly save a life of the elderly.

We all love our parents and grandparents and we want them to live life as fully as possible, but we can’t be there with them all the time.  That’s why a medical alarm device is such an important thing for them to have.

They will love you more for it.

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