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25 May, 2009

Refresh after a Hard Workout

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Working out takes a toll on your muscles.  If it didn’t, it wouldn’t work.  That’s why you can’t push yourself to the limits every day.  No matter how fit you are, your body will eventually wear out and your progress will deteriorate.

That’s why it’s so important to bounce back as quickly as possible after a hard workout.  The quicker you can bounce back, the more muscle you will build and the more fit you will be.

Aquatic therapy does just that for you.  It helps you bounce back after a tough workout.  The therapeutic effects of getting into a pool of water with its stimulating actions will have you back in your home gym quicker than any other method.

 A swim spa or a rehab pool are just what you need to get back into action.  You will feel the benefits from the first time you step into your pool or spa.  Your body will feel refreshed.  You will still need your rest period, but the rest period will be less and you won’t want to just go crash out after a hard workout.  You’ll have renewed energy.

As you get older, the time period to bounce back after a workout takes longer.  Your body just doesn’t respond like it used to; it takes longer to bounce back.  And, just because you are 40, 50, 60, or 70+, we all want to feel fit, don’t we?  Leave the Advil and other pain killers in the cupboard for emergencies.  Recover the natural way with a therapeutic pool.  There’s nothing like water therapy for older men and women.

Ever get a great massage?  Water therapy has the same effect on the body.  It increases endorphines and revitalizes the body in the same way that a great massage does.  It heals the muscles and relaxes the body.  Now, if you can just get your massage therapist in the Hydroworx pool with you, then we’d really have something here, wouldn’t we?


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