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17 Jul, 2009

Weight Lifting for High School Athletes

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Probably the most glorious years of one’s life, the teenage section is all about looking good and dressing smartly. Sculpting muscles is high school weight liftingnot just a guy thing but also something that girls do too, even cheerleaders. Once you are 16, you can easily perform weight lifting exercises to give you muscles you want to flaunt all day. Since majority of the free time during high school is spent studying or having fun, prospective bodybuilders fail to take their meals at the correct time which can be detrimental to the bodybuilding process. To counter that, many people take supplements so that proper nutrition levels are maintained.

Bubbly, filled with zeal and self confidence, a teenage boy or girl can be easily directed and guided when learning the tricks of the trade of bodybuilding. When bodybuilding, it is highly recommended that you have a guide or a fitness expert pointing you towards the right direction. Apart from getting awesome ripped muscles, bodybuilding also helps in conditioning and rejuvenating the mind.

A major factor that affects bodybuilding is nutrition. Foods that are rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables should be taken in large quantities so as to flush out toxins from the system. Your diet should have less fat and more protein. Try and take natural sources of protein daily like oatmeal, egg white, and soy. Apart from that, whey or casein protein supplements should be taken so as to maintain sound energy levels.

If you are a budding bodybuilder, you can compete in a variety of competitions in high school to build your self esteem and confidence. Your workouts should be a 45 minute whole hearted quest for muscle pumping and building abs. Contrary to what many people believe, bodybuilding does not come in the way of studies but actually helps the study process by keeping your mind mentally sharp and active. Before starting weight training exercises such as pull ups, squats, bench press and dumbbell flyers, it is highly advisable that you perform your cardio workouts like swimming, walking, running, jogging, and not just playing football all day.

Nitric Oxide gives you the stamina and strength to perform such workouts. Nitric oxide supplements work by increasing the blood flow in your body which in turn rejuvenates your cells by filling them with water and oxygen. It also prevents life threatening diseases, increases mental focus, and rejuvenates the nervous system. Moreover, it speeds up the process of recuperation.

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