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28 Aug, 2009

Working out in the Water

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I saw a video this week about a college football player who has such leg strength that he is able to jump out of a 3 foot deep swimming pool and onto the side of the pool.  Wow!  That’s amazing.  If you don’t believe me, try it!

Everything that you do in water is tougher.  That’s why a water treadmill makes so much sense to work out on.  Imagine running in the pool.  It’s really weird when you do it, because you are in cool water and you start to sweat.

Aquatic therapy equipment is also great for coming back from an injury.  Did you ever see how thoroughbred horses train?  The best trainers have them come back from injury by training in swimming pools.  It’s easier on the joints and builds muscle faster.  Same with humans.

And, the great thing about a Swim Spa is that it takes up so much less space than a traditional swimming pool does.  You really need a big back yard for a swimming pool and if you live in the north, you can only use it for three months anyway so its hardly worth it.  The Swim Spa can be placed in your basement and you can use it year round.

If it’s good enough for a thoroughbred, it’s good enough for me.


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