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12 Jan, 2011

My Weight Loss Goals for 2011

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Guest post written by Rick Simmons

I’ve done some crash diets before, only to well crash halfway through them and go back to my original weight. But I’ve had enough of those. I want some lasting results and I want to get it done the right way. So I made a New Year’s resolution for 2011 that I would get healthy and lose weight the right way, by exercising and eating better.

I went online to try and find a reasonable diet and exercise plan and while I was doing that I happened across some Bundle Clear Internet packages that seemed really great. So after a little consideration, i decided to sign up for one of them. Our home internet service hadn’t been cutting it for a while anyway.

I’m really determined to follow through with my weight loss resolution because I want to be healthy for my family and also for myself. I’d love to be able to help my son practice soccer in the backyard when he asks me to without getting totally winded, which is what happens now when I try.

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