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01 Feb, 2011

Ten Fun Facts Worth Knowing About Vitamin A

Posted by: BeeZee In: Diet|Vitamins

You might think that something like Vitamin A is too boring to actually be interesting. As it turns out, there are some pretty fun and important things to know about it. Here are some of those facts – namely, ten of them – which you might appreciate.

First, vitamin is considered to be a fat-soluble vitamin, this means to get your vitamin A you will need to eat foods that actually have fat. If you are on a diet, this is certainly an eye opener for you isn’t it?

Second, you can actually go for several days without needing any vitamin A intake. This fact is actually related to the first fact. Because vitamin A is fat-soluble, it can be stored in your body for a specific length of time and not automatically used up. It’s like having a stockpile of Vitamin A in your system, ready to be released when the body signals that it needs it!

Third, you might – just might, if you become too overzealous about it – overdose on vitamin A or at the very least reach a toxicity level when you consume too much of it. If you eat too much of this fat-soluble vitamin it is possible your body may be keeping too much of it around.

Fourth, overdosing or getting too much vitamin A can happen in different ways such as taking one too many supplements only to find out that you have overdone your vitamin A quota and eating too much of polar bear liver which is one of the most abundant sources of vitamin A. Aside from polar bear liver which is (thankfully, for their sake) pretty hard to come by, you ought to watch out for your intake of chicken liver, fish liver and beer liver. In short, the key is always in moderation!

Fifth, a indicator of vitamin A presence in fruits and vegetables would be bright color. This is because of the beta-carotene compound which influences the color of fruits and vegetables that have vitamin A in them.

Sixth, you need not let go of vegetarianism in order to get your vitamin A fill. If you insist on not having any animal intake, you can get your fill of vitamin A through orange and green vegetables, sweet potatoes and fruits such as peaches and mangoes.

Seventh, try as you might you will not be able to change the color of your skin with beta carotene overdose. This only happens in babies. If you see a baby with skin that has a bit of orange tint then yes, he has had a bit too much beta carotene or vitamin A!

Eight, your eyes will not become super sharp when you suddenly start gorging on vitamin A. Vitamin A’s effect on your eyes keep it from degenerating but it doesn’t make it better. However, not having it will mean your vision will be harmed and you will have a hard time seeing at night.

Ninth, if you find that your eyes are dry then that means you need to take some vitamin A, stat. This vitamin helps your vision by keeping the moisture level of your mucous membranes on a high.

And finally, vitamin A is used in many beauty products because applying it topically actually reverses and prevents damage to the skin! These are some of the fun and useful facts worth knowing about Vitamin A.

From this interesting article, you can find out the enourmous benefits of vitamin A (most of the people do not know that in Danish the term is A vitamin fordele) for your overall health. I really hope you will use this information to improve your diet and start living better life.


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