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07 Feb, 2011

Cure Your Bad Knees Without Surgery

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Generally, there are several variables that can cause the knee injury and they include legs that are different lengths, bad alignment, along with loose joints, just to name a few. There is nothing you can do about these kinds of knee pains on your own. There are, however, countless small modifications to your lifestyle that can prevent your “bad knees” from turning into “debilitating knees”.

Often the easiest treatment for aching knees is keeping yourself hydrated. Sufficient fluid intake will nourish and lubricate the cartilage that supports knee and leg muscles by simply increasing circulation. Drinking water will at the same time make it easier for your bloodstream to eliminate the lactic acid that causes muscle “burn” after rigorous exercise. It is not necessary to consume eight glasses of water each day to improve knee health. The objective is to stay constantly hydrated, not necessarily attempting to deluge your muscle tissues with fluids. Drink your water throughout the day to keep your muscle tissues replenished.

Try to exercise at different times of the day. This will give your knees an opportunity to adjust to various conditions. It will also help prevent over exercising by releasing cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

One of the most common causes of knee, leg and foot discomforts is a condition known as over pronation. It has recently been determined that up to 80% of the human population has structural issues with their feet due in part to over pronation.

Pronation can result in pain and fatigue however over time it will also cause strained muscles, tendons and ligaments and in a number of cases can even cause permanent difficulties and sometimes even deformities.

One of the first things you should consider if you feel that you are over pronating is to train yourself to be mindful of the position of your heel while standing. When you are standing up straight, you should have the heel on your feet positioned at 90-degree angles.

By making a cognizant effort to properly maintain the alignment of your heel with the rest of your leg while you are standing may be do the trick along with good posture practices.

Another thing you should consider is to use a Needak Rebounder for some really gentle bouncing exercise routines. While you do the rebounder exercises, you will want to be aware of your posture, specifically keeping good posture along with making sure your heels are in alignment. This will enable you to beef up the support muscles in your legs and ankles which may help to correct the over pronation. Start slowly and work your way up. This isn’t a competition but a comfortable and gentle way to relieve knee pain and possibly correct Pronation issues.

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