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08 Feb, 2011

Will This Low-fat Diet Menu Reduce My Bad Cholesterol?

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Low-fat diet may lead to weight reduction.  Weight loss can help to eliminate the chance of developing gallstones, so if you’re overweight this can be beneficial.  Low-fat diet might help to lessen the pain sensation brought on by the gallstones.

A low-fat weight loss program is great for heart and it’s healthy.  Low-fat diet helps maintain blood cholesterol and weight down.  Cholesterol is really a fatty substance produced naturally through the body and appears in blood in various forms.  People may also inherit an inclination for HDL cholesterol to become unusually low.  Saturated fat may raise cholesterol somewhat, but primarily HDL cholesterol.

Fats are referred to as either saturated or unsaturated depending on their chemical structure.  Fats are essential for hormone production, for absorption of certain nutrients as well as for healthy cell function.

Diabetes that’s poorly controlled or kidney failure may cause total levels of cholesterol or triglyceride levels to improve.  Cholesterol is located only in animal products, for example meats, poultry, milk products and egg yolks.

Fats full of saturated fats raise levels of cholesterol whereas fats full of unsaturated fats might help reduce cholesterol levels.  Unsaturated fats are ‘good fats’ as they are not as likely to boost your cholesterol level.  Trans fats are processed fats present in most store-bought cookies, crackers, junk food, and stick margarine.  Saturated fats mostly are in animal foods.

Trans fats are often listed as partially hydrogenated oils. Processed foods will also be typically created using vast amounts of added sugars or another  sweeteners .

A diet plan that’s generally low in fat and healthy can assist you to slim down, or keep your weight.  People actually believe that the easiest method to slim down is to consume less or skipping meals.  That’s not true….

A minimal fat diet normally has 30% of energy from fats. Some low-fat diets might be restricted to 30 or 50 grams daily, which may equal 25% to 40% of the 1700-calorie diet.  A low-fat diet regime is among the healthiest plans you could follow, if you keep things from getting too extreme.  In a low fat diet, one basically needs to reduce significantly the quantity of steak within the normal American diet.  A general low-fat weight loss program is usually prescribed first, after which fine-tuned with a dietitian to best treat the individual’ s bloating.

Here a sample of a Low-fat Diet Menu (nearly 1,700 calories per serving)

Breakfast time

  • One boiled egg = 85 Cal
  • 1 Glass unsweetened Orange fruit juice = 165 Cal
  • 2 slices of Bread = 200 Cal

Lunch time

  • Large dish of greens = 90 cal
  • Fruit of your liking = 70cals
  • Almonds = 500 cal

Snack food

  • Juice or milk shake with fruits = 170 cal

Dinner time

  • Italian Pennette  with Salmon and Grilled Vegetables = 400 cal

Giancarlo Puglisi PhD writes for the diet  blog, his hobby blog dedicated to suggestions to aid people to eat healthy and learn to cook delicious Mediterranean diet recipes.

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