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21 Feb, 2011

Optimize Your Workouts With Lighting

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Home gyms are typically set up in the largest unused space in the home. Often, that’s the basement. The problem is, the basement is also typically the most poorly-lit area of your home. Half-windows never let in enough natural light to suffice, and any existing ceiling fixtures were not likely selected for quality. For some reason, homebuilders rarely outfit the basement with adequate lighting, and homeowners rarely decide to improve it.

Why is it that people expect to be most motivated in the darkest, gloomiest environment in their home? Have some sense and revamp the lighting in your home gym this year. It will help you stick with your New Year’s Resolutions, and you’ll begin to notice a serious improvement in your levels of motivation.

Here are a few tips to improve your workout space with some well-placed lights:

  1. Choose light bulbs that most closely resemble sunlight. Natural light is the best way to boost your energy levels, but it’s not always possible to let the sunshine into a basement. LEDs are an excellent option: Not only are they incredibly efficient, but they also have a color temperature that emulates the sun. Try replacing your current recessed lights with LED downlights (or just install new ones). If you don’t want to invest in LEDs, look for fluorescent lamps in cooler color temperatures (at or above 3500K) and high color rendering indexes (at or above 80).
  2. Add some versatility to your room. Want to transform your home gym from cardio pump-up to yoga zen in a matter of minutes? The secret is adding a dimmer. Once the light levels change, so does the entire mood of the room.
  3. Lead the way to fitness. Upgrade your path to the downstairs exercise zone by installing LED step lights along the stairwell. The goal is to make your workout room an inviting place that you love to spend time in.
  4. Flatter yourself. If you have a mirror in your home gym, try to create an even distribution of light throughout the entire room. Even if there’s no mirror, harsh sources of light that give off a sharp glare should be avoided. Any type of exercise that involves you gazing at the ceiling (abdominal workouts, bench presses, etc.) will leave you frustrated.

Remember: Use light sources that look natural (such as LED), add features that make your gym more inviting, ensure light levels are evenly distributed, and install dimmers for the optimal effect.  Good luck!

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