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22 Feb, 2011

Gym Membership vs. Buying Your Own Equipment

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buy gym membership vs. buy home equipmentPeople who purchase gym memberships have the best intentions in mind. Most of them want to lose weight. There are those who wants to be healthy. It is safe to say though that almost all of them want to change their lives for the better. Most of the them would start the same way. They feel very excited after signing up. The feeling will remain for several weeks. During the first few weeks, they would go to the gym three or even four times a week. Then it would go down to two and then one. Then there would come a time when they wouldn’t pass by the gym anymore. If this sounds like your story then you should definitely read this article until the very end.

Valid Reasons

The problem with gyms is that they are very easy to avoid. The gym owners themselves probably don’t care if you go to their place or not as long as you’ve made your advance payment already. The reasons for not sticking to a gym routine are varied. And one cannot dismiss that all of them are invalid. For sure, the number one reason for not going to the gym is laziness. It is true¬† that some people are just hopelessly lazy to stick to an exercise routine. But there are the more legitimate reasons: commute to the gym taking a big chunk of time, having other priorities such as kids who need to be picked up, household chores, etc. All of these reasons are valid enough for anyone not to go to a gym but they are not enough reasons to stop exercising altogether.

Exercise at Home

If you can’t go to the gym then just exercise at home. You don’t really need to go to a gym just to get a good workout. You also do not need fancy equipment. There are many advantages to working out at home. The most obvious of which is convenience. If you work out at home, you don’t need to go out of your way. You can also work out anytime you want. You can also work out with your spouse or even with your kids. And if you work out at home, you really don’t have an excuse anymore not to exercise.

Instead of purchasing a gym membership, why don’t you invest in some equipment for your home gym instead. With a gym membership, only can you can enjoy its benefits but with a home, every person in your household can reap its fruits.

Things You Will Need

As mentioned earlier, you really do not need a lot for a home gym. If you really want to buy some equipment then you can start with some free weights. Another affordable gym equipment that you can add is a mini trampoline like the needak rebounder. Rebounding is quickly becoming popular mainly because of its many benefits. Mini trampolines do not take up a lot space and most of them can be folded for easy storage. Another great addition to a home gym is a yoga mat. Like rebounding, yoga is another great workout that offers plenty of benefits.

Not sure about enrolling in a gym? Workout at home instead.

Article by Mike Field.

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