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08 Mar, 2011

Weight Loss Recipes You Can Do At Home

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Have you had thoughts about healthy recipes, one that could relate to better health and also weight loss? All moms do! But the question is, is it easy to prepare one? Well, let’s take a look on these tips and guidelines on having good weight loss recipes at home!

You don’t need to be a nutritionist or an expert

All you’ve got to have is a desire to make healthy fresh foods and recipes. Preparing is easier, but making good food choices is actually the basic factor. Of course when you plan to lose weight or have healthier choices of food, then you should start decreasing your fast food intake. Processed foods, ready-meals, sweets, fatty foods, salty foods, and other high calorie foods and beverages should be minimized or even removed from your daily diet. Don’t worry too much about the recipes, instead focus on the food items to include. You should add on the list sets of fresh fruits, vegetables, natural herbs, olive oil, fish meat, poultry, good trans fat meat, and other nutritious foods. Start from scratch and experiment. Combine any of these healthy foods and enjoy the process as it really starts from here.

Don’t count it, eat it!

Basically what we fear about weight loss diets is the way we count calories. You don’t have to really focus on counting how much you have eaten. Stop bringing your notebooks and calculators with you. Instead just focus on the healthy food items listed above and all other vast nutritious food items and you’re good to go. These foods offer less calories than you can imagine and are packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Make it fun

Have different recipes all the time, one good way to start healthy eating is follow the basic principes of the Mediterranean diet which has hundrends of healthy variations. Study and venture more on these different healthy diets and you don’t have to worry about the outcome. Eventually you will learn more, enjoy cooking, and promote good health to your self and to your family.

Here’s a sample list of this new wonderful healthy recipe which (easily found in the net) that you can very much modify. Enjoy!

Appetizers/ snacks:

  • Baked season potato chips
  • Crab and mango lettuce wraps recipe
  • Easy roasted vegetable and goat cheese tart


  • Apple Oat muffins
  • Blueberry almond Vanilla cereal
  • cantonese vegetable scramble


  • Fruity and nutty chicken salad
  • Mediterranean chicken salad
  • Seafood pasta salad

Alex Chris writes about healthy weight loss topics. He strongly believes that losing weight should be done using natural and safe methods. All his articles are easy to follow and are based on established research and personal experience.

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