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10 Mar, 2011

Tips On Practicing Yoga

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tips on practicing yoga

Yoga is full of health benefits.  If you are looking to improve on your strength, flexibility and posture, or if you are just looking to relieve stress and maintain a healthy weight, then yoga is for you.  You may be unsure of how to begin practicing yoga so that you can receive the multiple advantages that come along with it.  These are some tips on the things that you need to consider before you start practicing.

  • You will need to pick the type of yoga that you will want to practice. The different choices will depend on your skill level, athletic ability, and what you want to achieve overall from your practice.
  • Anusara yoga is great for beginners. This type of yoga was designed to allow those who practice express themselves through all of the poses to their own abilities. It does not require perfect mimicking of the poses.
  • Bikram yoga, or hot yoga, is great for ex-athletes and/or people looking to lose some inches. The room Bikram yoga is practiced in is at a temperature of around 105 degrees. If you are the type that feels like you need to lose some serious sweat when you work out, this may be for you.
  • Power Yoga is a form of Ashtanga yoga. Movements in power yoga are isometric and they will increase the calories you burn during practice. This type of yoga is best for former or current athletes.
  • Sivananda yoga is for someone looking for results that will boost his or her spirituality. This type of yoga is based around a philosophy that believes breathing, diet, exercise, relaxation, and positive thinking will work as one to create a healthy life.
  • Viniyoga is individualized practice. This type of yoga will personalize the practice, and it provides relief for back pain sufferers.

After choosing the type of yoga that you would like to start practicing, you will then need to determine where and when you will practice. Some will prefer a classroom environment to practice, while others may find that at-home practice works better. It is all up to the individual. A classroom surrounding may provide encouragement and the right amount of challenge to keep you motivated and ready to practice. You may also meet new people that will give you a boost of encouragement each time you show up to class, and this may keep you going even on days when you would rather not. If a classroom is not your style, then practicing in the comforts of your own home is an option. This is probably a better option for current and former athletes, and the determined. You will be able to find numerous resources online, on TV, and through DVDs that will help you in creating at-sequences to keep you challenged.

Other than the type of yoga you will practice and where you will practice, for beginners, you may want to invest in some tools that can be useful. Clothes that stretch and provide comfort are optimal for practicing yoga. You may also want to get your own yoga mat. Eventually, you can also incorporate bands and blocks into your practice.

You will instantly feel a sense of peace after your first yoga session. Over time as you continue your practice, you will find that you are more in tune with you mind, body, and soul. You surely will not regret practicing yoga and reaping the benefits.

Pais is a yoga enthusiast who loves writing about practicing yoga, health, television at Direct Sat TV, and animals.

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