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20 Mar, 2011

Simple Ways To Lose Weight By Getting In Tune With Your Body

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simple ways to lose weight

As you go about the weight loss process, one big mistake that some people make is putting themselves on a very strict diet that tries to regulate absolutely everything that you’re doing.

Often diet programs will not only dictate what you should be eating, but they’ll also say that you must eat this food at this time.

While having this regulation can be helpful since it means that you will have a very precise idea of exactly how many calories you’re taking in on a daily basis, the problem with it is that it can also cause you to eat when you aren’t really hungry or to go without food when you really shouldn’t be eating.

Since you aren’t going to be burning off the exact same number of calories each and every day as some fluctuation will always be seen, the moment you put yourself on these very rigid diets is the moment that you start to lose touch with the body’s natural hunger signals that its’ sending you.

Let’s look at a few simple ways that you can get back in touch with your body and discover the key to weight loss success.

Start A Food Journal

The very first thing that you should consider doing to help get back in touch with your body’s natural hunger signals is to begin using a food journal.  By writing down what you’re eating and when at times when you aren’t following a pre-planned diet program, you can quickly determine your natural hunger patterns as they occur.

When using a food journal you should also make note of any feelings that you have during the moments before you’re going to consume the food because this can be a very good indicator of whether emotional eating is at play and driving you to eat.

Those who do tend to eat for emotional reasons can then begin taking steps to combat this such as speaking with a counsellor or looking at ways to overcome whatever emotion it is that is leading them to eat (loneliness, anxiety, stress, etc).

If you don’t take the time to note down what you’re feeling when you eat though, you likely won’t consciously be aware of this factor and thus it’ll go unnoticed.

Always Rate Your Hunger Before Eating

Moving long, the next thing that you should be doing is rating your hunger before you sit down to eat.  So many of us are classically conditioned to eat at certain points in the day and thus completely overlook whether or not we’re hungry.

This again is very much due to years of being on structured diet programs or simply not following our own internal cues.

Before you go to have something to eat, regardless of how big or small it may be, take some time to jot down how hungry you feel on a scale of one to ten, one being not hungry at all and ten being incredibly ravenous.

This will then allow you to look back on your notes and see how often you’re eating at an appropriate hunger level.  Ideally you should be eating mostly when you’ve reached a level of about 7 or 8 on the hunger scale.

Stay Well Hydrated

Another important thing that you must be doing to help get back in tune with your body’s natural signals as they relate to hunger is to make sure that you’re staying well hydrated.  If you’re even slightly dehydrated as you go about your day this can have a remarkable impact on your feelings of hunger as you may mistake that dehydration to be hunger when it’s not.

Before you have any snack or meal, always drink one full glass of water first.  Then wait ten minutes and see if the hunger subsides. If it does, this is a clear signal that it likely wasn’t hunger you were experiencing but instead simply that you just needed something to drink.

As you do this over time you should be able to come to recognize dehydrate better versus real hunger sensations.

Focus On Your Activity Levels

Finally, also keep your activity levels in mind when looking back over how much you ate throughout the day.  Most people who are in tune with their body’s natural hunger signals should find that they are hungrier and are consuming more calories on those days that they are more active.

This is normal since they do have that higher energy expenditure and their body is trying to make up for it.  Allow yourself to eat more to accommodate this hunger on those very active days, but do aim to keep it under control.

Many people will use activity as a free pass to over-consume of foods that they shouldn’t, and this can just set them up for long-term problems with their body weight. By learning to recognize your higher activity levels when they are present and then adjusting your food intake accordingly you can do a better job of losing and then maintaining a proper body weight.

So there you have a few quick tips to get back in tune with your body. If you can do this successfully, you’re going to be much better off with your weight loss program.

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