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23 Mar, 2011

Three Tips to Increase Intensity in the Gym

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Seems like a complicated title doesn’t it? Well, not really when you define what intensity actually is. The type of intensity I am talking about is the amount of energy expended in the gym. Too often people simply go through the motions at the gym. Sure, they have their workout routine all mapped out, all the way down to sets, reps and weight. What other factors could there be?

Well, probably the biggest factor of them all, which is intensity. Expending energy in the gym can be found in every aspect of our workouts. However, intensity is not tangible and cannot be predefined.  It’s not an amount of reps, it’s not an amount of weight and it’s definitely not in the duration of our workouts. So how do we apply intensity? The answer is simple, push your body beyond what you have before as that is the pure definition of increasing intensity.

Follow these three tips to plow through your plateau

1.) Spend less time resting between sets. This is probably one of the most common mistakes people make. The gym is not for socializing if you are serious about getting gains.  Spending less time resting between your sets can help increase your muscle pump, burn more fat and push your body beyond it’s normal thresh hold.

2.) Add supersets, tri-sets, giant sets and drop sets. If you are not familiar with these techniques I strongly recommend you learn them. These techniques can shock your muscles into new growth you’ve never seen before. This technique will also help you take your muscles to new levels of strength and endurance while getting a great pump.

3.) Forced reps to force growth. Though this technique does require you to have a workout partner, you can simply grab someone in the gym to help you with these sets. By having someone help you perform reps you would not otherwise be able to do you can shock your muscles into growth purely by overloading the muscles. Forced reps will also help you build confidence when trying to break through weight barriers in heavy compound movements like bench presses and squats.

Note: Adding a pre workout energy supplement that contains caffiene, creatine and branched chain amino acids can help you increase strength and energy levels throughout your workouts. This will further add to your ability to expend larger amounts of energy and increase your workout intensity.

Break out of the rut and push your body to its limits by applying these three tips to your workout arsenal. For more great workout tips visit

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