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26 Mar, 2011

How to Fix Your Own Power Beverage

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how to fix your own power beverage

Since commercial power drinks are usually expensive, many people seek ways of making their own energy drink. An energy drink, sometimes referred to as a sports drink, is a mixture of vitamins, sugar stimulants and herbal extracts that is meant to boost your body psychologically and physically. It has a restorative property and greatly improves alertness and concentration. Energy drinks fall into three categories: isotonic, hypotonic and hyper tonic. In all three types, the most important ingredients are water for rehydration, salt for rehydration and replacement of body ions lost through sweating and carbohydrates to provide energy.

An isotonic drink quickly restores lost fluids and adds energy rich carbohydrates to your body. One of the most vital ingredients for making your own sports drink of the isotonic kind is glucose which has a very high percentage of carbohydrates. Isotonic drinks are vital for middle and long distance runners who lose a lot of water over a long period of time. Various combinations include fruit squash, salt, water, unsweetened fruit juice, warm water and glucose or sugar.

Hypertonic drinks are meant to supplement your carbohydrate intake. They have a high concentration of carbohydrates which restores your body after a gruelling exercise or sporting activity. They are mostly used by long distance athletes since they consume a lot of energy.

Hypotonic power drinks are used in low energy sports like gymnastics, since they are low in carbohydrate concentration. They are available only as a fluid replacement after sweating

An ideal homemade sports drink usually contains about 70 percent water, 30 percent juice, a pinch of salt and sugar or glucose. Other ingredients include coffee (which contains caffeine which a well known stimulant, although you should use it sparingly to avoid addiction to caffeine), sugar (provides energy) and milk, especially full fat milk, gives the body six times more hydration than water.

A popular homemade energy drink is protein shake, mostly taken by weight lifters and athletes who seek to replenish their body after a tough work out. You need a glass of warm milk and protein powder. Protein powder is a mixture of ground rice, soy, milk and eggs. Yogurts and fresh fruits can also be added for flavor.

When making your own power drink you should avoid caffeine. Although it stimulates your nervous system and improves your alertness levels, it produces side effects such as an increased heart rate, dehydration, headaches, nausea and insomnia. Caffeine is found in coffee and tea, therefore it is important to avoid using these stimulants when seeking ways of making revitalizing drinks.

Herbs such as Gingko are also used in commercial energy drinks. Although it may seem beneficial for your health, this is not the case. While it improves memory and concentration, its demerits include blood thinning, dizziness, increased heart rate and vomiting. Do not include it in your homemade sports drink as it will cause more harm than good and the proper beneficial dosage is not yet clear.

Author Biography: Haliyma Barrow holds a B.A. degree in Spanish from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and a Master of Public Administration from NYU.  Haliyma loves to contribute informative health articles covering topics such as nutritional information.

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