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01 Apr, 2011

New Mom Can’t Lose Weight

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Thanks for the post, Kathy Shelton

The hardest thing I’ve ever done is try to get the weight off after having my second child. I don’t know why, but these pesky ten pounds have refused to move from my hips ever since Valerie arrived!

I knew I had to do something soon since my clothes no longer fit, so I looked into WIRELESS INTERNET PROVIDERS specials in my area and got hooked up with home Internet. I signed up for weekly spinning classes at a local gym and started keeping track of my calories online. It was working, but slowly.

The thing that really made the big difference was finding a chat room full of other new moms having the same issue! It was such a load off talking to other women about their struggles with weight…it was almost like therapy! Only two months after getting the Internet connection, I’ve lost 8 of my 10 pounds and I’m starting to feel like the old me again. I’ve even made a few friends nearby that I meet with weekly to take walks with the kids in the park!

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