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03 Apr, 2011

Simple Steps to Follow to Gain Muscle

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The idea of a dream body may elude some people, while others they would love to find out the best ways to gain muscle. Such persons may want a couple of inches on their chest, shoulders or arms. Some fitness extremists may want to gain up to 30 pounds of mass. This is not an impossible task. You can follow a few simple steps to transition into the body you desire.

Consume Fat

One way to gain muscle is consuming some level of fat in your diet. This does not have to be from fast food. Instead, it can come from olive oil, flaxseed oil or borage oil. The fats these items contain are essential fats that the body cannot make on its own. Do not go overboard in restricting fat as that may affect the growth of muscle.


Another great way to gain muscle is to pay attention to the amount of calories you are consuming. This can easily be obtained by reading the food labels. Whatever number you get, a rule of thumb is to add 500 to that number and eat that amount of calories per day. Also, consume about one gram of protein per pound of body weight daily.


Have a workout session that targets the whole body in a single training or divide the workout into two sessions: one for upper and another for lower.  Focus on more muscles in a single session rather than on a single area. Some exercises that do this are squats, dead lifts and pull-ups.


This is probably the most underused method of increasing muscle mass. During sleep, the muscles rejuvenate themselves and they are given the chance to grow. If you are doing a lot of training and not getting enough rest, then the muscles will not benefit. This can lead to muscle wasting and you will not achieve the growth you desire.

Train the Whole Body

During a workout routine the more muscles you involve the better it will be. This will cause a greater release of hormones which stimulates muscle growth. If you have a balanced workout that targets each muscle group and you provide them with equal training this will allow the muscles to grow quickly and safely. This will avoid any injuries and preserve the flexibility of the muscles.

Increase Protein Intake

Protein has many benefits for a body builder. It acts as the basis of building muscle mass. Your consumption should be enough to stimulate the growth of your muscles. Consume protein in every meal you eat. A good amount is 1 to 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of your body weight. This is recommended especially if you are training at a high level.

Gaining muscle is something that takes dedication and consistent adherence to core bodybuilding rules.  A serious body builder has to change his/her lifestyle to facilitate such rules. These usually target their eating and workout habits. Once a routine has been developed the muscle growth training regimen should get easier.

This is a guest article contributed by Haliyma who is a professional blogger based in New York. Haliyma is a regular contributor of health and fitness articles, covering topics such as hip exercises.

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