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08 Apr, 2011

Stinky Homes in Austin

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Is there anything worse?  If you need fish odor removal Austin then you’ve come to the right place.  In the heat of Texas, that fish odor can get really worse.  We love fish, but who wants to smell it for 47 days after cooking it no matter how healthy it is for you.

It’s kind of like flood damage mold Austin.  Fish odor and flood damage both really stink.  It’s just not a very pleasant smell to live in.  Of course, in some cases, if it’s a really bad flood, I guess the extra water could bring in the fish too!

If you have either of these problems, you’ll eventually need green carpet cleaning companies Austin.  Because cleaning the carpets is the only way to fix such a stinky problem.

Living in Austin can be great, but only if your home smells great too.  Otherwise, it just will stink the rest of your life to live in Austin.

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