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05 May, 2011

Jessica Biel’s Workout Routine

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Jessica Biel workout routineBy John Davenport, special contributor to

Jessica Biel has one of the best bodies in the world. You can see how the camera loves her and even the paparazzi can’t catch her in an off moment in which she looks less than stunning. Many people assume that this is all genetics, but the truth is that Jessica Biel works out and works hard to maintain that superb physique.

With her personal trainer, Jessica Biel exercises her entire body and strives to remain as lean as possible. The workouts are mostly based on long and complex movements which strain several muscle groups.

Here is the essence of Jessica Biel’s Workout Regimen

  1. Warm up – This is something very important which many people fail to do in their own workout routines
  2. Walking lunges – This is done by lunging with one leg, pushing yourself up and bringing the other leg along side the first, lunging with the other leg, and so on. This works the thighs and buttocks.
  3. For cardio, Jessica Biel concentrates on doing sprints which follow a half a mile jog. The sprints include 200, 150, and 100 meter dashes on a track.
  4. For her stomach, Jessica Biel does leg raises which flatten the stomach. This is an intensive exercise which works the entire extent of the abs.
  5. Stair jumping – Jessica Biel jumps up a flight of stairs, making sure to jump over a single step, so she starts with the first step, lands on the third, then the fifth, and so on. This is a massive exercise which works the legs but also serves as a cardiovascular exercise.
  6. Weight training – Throughout her weight workout routine, Jessica uses lighter weights, does a lot of reps, and keeps moving throughout her workout so that she also gets a cardio stimulation.
  7. One important thing to note is that Jessica Biel varies her workout from time to time so that her muscles are always stimulated to their fullest extent.

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