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13 Jun, 2011

5 Ways to Tone Your Arms While Walking

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ways to tone your arms while walkingYou are late and you are wearing your favorite sleeveless blouse. You raise your arms and wave at the empty taxi. But what is it that you see? You see the fat on your arms waving too. Not a pretty sight for sure.

Hailing a cab has never been sexy most especially if your arms are saggy. Uh oh! I think it’s time for you to bring back your sexy and toned arms. But what if you don’t have spare time to go to the gym? That’s easy! Sculpt your arms while taking your evening walks. Impossible? Think again.

I know that look. You don’t believe me when I said that you can tone your arms while you walk. You don’t need to pay for gym registrations or enroll in classes. Prepare yourself for the tips in this article… after the jump! 

  • Flex your arms. Do that as you walk so that both your legs and arms are exercised.
  • Bring dumbbells for your evening walk. Use these dumbbells while walking. I suggest about 2 pounds or 3 pounds. Would you believe that just carrying them will already tone your arms? Yes, that’s right. Buy a set now if you don’t have one yet.
  • Use weights. You can bring weights for your waist, ankle, and wrists. The ankle and waist weights help you push yourself to exert more effort and work harder while walking. As you do so, you lose more calories all over your body (and that includes toning your arms). The weights on your wrists will add to the weight of your dumbbells. Use this to your advantage. Move your arms and pump them as you walk for a toner and sexier arm.
  • Jump rope after your walking exercise. However, you should only do this if your body still has energy left. You can do about 5 if you are still starting out.
    Add more jumps the next day or as the weeks progress. Doing this will help you burn more calories and toning your arms in the long run. This is an impressive exercise as you target your arms, body, and heart.
  • Try boxing. If jump rope is not your cup of tea, you can try boxing to exercise your arms. You can do this just like Manny Pacquaio. He jogs while throwing punches in the air. This helps him exercise his arms while increasing his endurance. I don’t require you to do the same though. You can, however, just walk while boxing or box after you walk since you are still a beginner.

Just remember that you can’t achieve your desired results overnight. You need to work hard to have that toned arms that you have been dreaming of. Just be patient and continue your workout regimen. You can couple exercise with a balanced diet as well to make your workout more effective.
I have tried these exercises and so far, they gave me great results. My arms no longer sag and I am confident to wear anything that exposes my arms. Give these tips a try and see for yourself. Good luck!

Author’s bio: Marcy Gray is a health advocate who has conquered many obstacles in her health life. In addition, she likes to write reviews about baby care products such as peg perego double stroller and combi twin sport.

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1 Response to "5 Ways to Tone Your Arms While Walking"

1 | Anthony Wayne

June 16th, 2011 at 6:56 pm


Yeah, it sucks when you hail a cab and everybody sees your flabby arms. That’s New York gross.

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