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10 Jul, 2011

My Favorite Guest Appearance TV Episode

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Authored by Leandro Delgado

I watch a lot of TV, and have several favorite shows; you may think that several mean around four, but I assure you that it’s much higher than that. As a TV fan, one thing that absolutely delights me is when two or more shows come together for a guest appearance, also known as a cameo. It’s almost like Christmas has come early, and I’m getting a special present to make the day a little brighter. If you asked me what my favorite guest appearance is, I would have to answer that I particularly enjoyed The Critic’s appearance on the animated series The Simpsons’.

The Critic, who has his own cartoon series and goes by the name of Jay Sherman on said series, appears on the show because Marge Simpson is looking for somebody to judge Springfield’s film festival. I think his sarcastic humor works well with the other characters, and though his appearance makes him look as though he does not belong in that universe, I didn’t really care. It’s quite funny, and when I’m surfing through my¬† I always try to find that rerun to watch. It’s rarely on, though, so perhaps I should just bite the bullet and buy a DVD that has it on there.

I think anybody who is a fan of either show would find the special guest episode pretty good.


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