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11 Sep, 2011

Twitter Wars

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Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

I was watching E! News on Direct Tv and chuckled at the most recent celebrity rivalry that has developed. Guiliana Rancic ( an E! personality) and Lee Ann Rimes ( famous for the song “Blue) are going at it in the tabloids and on Twitter. Lee Ann Rimes has changed a lot since she had her first ( and possibly only) great hit “Blue”. Now she is thirty, and I honestly don’t know why she is still in the papers except for the fact that she married a man that she was having an affair with last year. Lee Ann has been tweeting pictures of herself in bikinis and looking unusually thin. Guiliana Rancic (who is possibly as thin as Lee Ann) made a comment about wanting to feed her a lot of Italian food. After the comment, the war was on. I’m not sure if the women have even ever met. Guiliana has apologized and said she didn’t mean to offend. Lee Ann is still singing “Blue” and won’t let it go, even inviting the E! host over to her house to see how much she ate. This rivalry is the perfect example of trivial celebrity news.


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