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06 Oct, 2011

Fast Food Can Be Healthy

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It’s easier said than done.  As Americans, we are seemingly always on the go.  We are working overtime, going to the kids’ sporting events, and working out for our own endurance and strength.  Our busy lives can make healthy eating a challenge.  That’s for sure.

You want to eat right, but you may only have 20 minutes to chow down lunch.  That means a quick drive through at McDonald’s.  But, believe it or not, there may actually be some healthy food options, even at a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s.  Skip the french fries, as difficult as that is, and order the salad instead.  Think about a smoothie instead of that Coca Cola.  Drop the Whopper with Cheese and go with a simple chicken sandwich instead.

The other way to eat healthy is to pack your lunch.  Do it the night before, because you’ll surely be rushed in the morning.  Pack some granola bars and some yogurt for when you get hungry at work or need to eat in the car.  It’s when you get famished that you usually pull into a Wendy’s or Taco Bell and eat bad food.

And, regret it later.

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