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12 Mar, 2012

Planning a Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

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Guest post written by Nancy Reeves

We may not be able to throw big parties for all of the holidays for our family, but at the very least I like to throw themed dinners for my family to go along with holidays. I’ve started planning the one that we’re going to do this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day and want to make it extra special for them.

I don’t cook all the time because I’m just so busy with work and running around to take the kids to sporting events and stuff like that. So I like to fix special recipes when I cook and was online looking for some of then when I came across I looked through it some and after that I decided to use the site as a way to settle our financial debts which I feel like are holding my family back.

I’ve tried to pick out some food that’s characteristically Irish but won’t be too strange tasting for my kids because they’re a little bit picky. But I think that they’re going to love my meal I have planned!


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