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15 Apr, 2012

Thank You Notes

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Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

I got married this past summer. I am still getting used to married life. I have about 25 thank you notes left, and while that might sound like a lot, compared to how many I started with, that’s nothing. I try to make each thank you note personalized to the person I am writing, and about the gift which they gave me. Giving each note this much thought takes time. I’ve tried getting my husband (eek! Still getting used to saying that) some of the notes to be responsible for writing, but they were not getting done to my liking. His parents gave us a really nice gift. They got us Security Systems Griffin for our new home. I thought that was a really unique and thoughtful gift. We did just buy our first home, and I guess it is a housewarming gift as much as it is a wedding gift. I am wondering what the etiquette is for thanking his parents. I mean, we already thanked them verbally, in the moment. I’m wondering if a note is expected.


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