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20 Aug, 2012

Atlanta Rehab Centers

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A friend of mine from Atlanta recently called me to tell me that his son was struggling.  He was back in rehab for an addiction that he picked up while playing college basketball.  It seems as though the members of the team began taking Adderral during finals week a year ago and then continued to take it to keep up with the grueling practices and academic schedules.

Now, he has an addiction problem so he’s going to an Atlanta alcohol rehab facility.  In actuality, the rehab facility is in nearby Birmingham, Alabama, so it allows for the privacy that the family and the patient needs.  It’s a great facility and fortunately, he is doing much better and responding well to the treatments.

There are a lot of Atlanta drug abuse rehab centers, but the family thought that Bradford was the right choice for their son.  It is a big commitment and they want the best for their son; what parent wouldn’t?  That’s why they looked at every rehab facility within 150 miles and thought that Bradford was the best place to put their son back on the road to recovery.

Hopefully, he will soon be home where he belongs.

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