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14 Sep, 2012

4 Basic Tips to Prevent Knee Soreness While Sitting At Your Desk

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Editor’s Note: The following guest blog post was submitted by Maria Dublin, a member of the PR team for Visit for a great selection of desks and chairs for the home office plus free shipping on every desk, every day.

Capsule of right knee-joint (distended). Poste...

Capsule of right knee-joint (distended). Posterior aspect. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When working in home offices, you may need to sit around all day to do your work. Practically, the only time that you will be able to stand up is during breaks. This is the reason why home office workers often suffer from knee soreness when working.

To help you out with this, we have put together some tips to help prevent knee pain and other body pains that one may feel when working at a desk the whole day.

Adjust the height of your chair

First, you will need to adjust the height of your chair so that both your feet can relax on the floor. It is also good to have a foot rest on your table. You can also get a smaller chair and put it under your table where you can lift your legs. Make sure that the height of your foot rest is not that high. It should be a lot lower than your chair and it should be light and movable so that you would not have a hard time moving and reaching stuff in your table.

Change sitting positions once in a while

When working at a desk for about 10 hours, you will need to change sitting positions once in a while. Put your one leg over the other and change this within a few minutes. It is also good to have a pillow on your chair so that you won’t feel pain on your hips and butt.

Stand up and stretch every now and then

Standing up and stretching every now and then has been proven to be very much effective. Not only will your knees be free of pain but your back, neck and legs will feel occasional relief, too. Make time to have 10-minute breaks, to drink water or to go to the bathroom. These are simple yet very efficient ways to minimize the possibilities of having knee sores.

Do simple exercises while sitting

The most effective way to prevent having knee sores is to do simple exercises while sitting. You can try to raise your legs up until the level of your waist and hold it for a few seconds then do the same with the other leg for ten times alternatively. Another exercise that you can execute is to rest your feet on the floor and slowly lift your toes and hold it there for a few seconds. Repeat it ten times every now and then. Lastly, roll your ankles counter clockwise and clockwise. These are also simple ways to improve the blood flow in your feet.

It is okay to work hard. But one should always put in mind that health is more important than anything else. A simple knee pain may end up as a permanent sore, which may cause inability to walk. This may sound a bit exaggerated but truth be told, major health problems come from the minor ones. So before anything worse happens, know the possible prevention exercises and execute them as soon as possible.

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