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25 Mar, 2013

6 Cheap Ways to Lose Weight

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Let’s face it. Today’s economics puts pressure on our pockets. Perhaps the second most popular reason why people lack exercise is money—lack of time is the first most popular. We cannot argue because it is true. How many of us can afford to spend money for a gym membership? That is why it pays to find out ways how to stay fit and still have enough savings in the bank.

Invest on great home gym equipment

OK. Investing is not the right word to begin the topic on how to save while losing weight. Hear this one out before reacting. Investing on your health is as important as investing money say on stock or money market. You are actually investing for your life here. If you have some money to spare, it is wise to spend it on things that will actually make you healthier. One of the things that you can invest that hard-earned dollar is through great home gym equipment. Since you will be doing most of your work outs inside your home, why not get one that will satisfy all of your needs. There is cheap home gym equipment that would satisfy one or two facets of your work out. While it is cost-effective, it may not give you a lot. Invest on truly multi-faceted home gym equipment which may cost a lot upfront but will give you more bang-for-your-buck in the long run.

Assess what your needs are

Are you really serious about buying that $200 running shoes? What’s wrong with buying those $50 ones? Sometimes our ego gets in the way of how we spend money to make ourselves healthy. If cheap equipment can deliver same results of an expensive one, then buy the cheaper kind. But here’s the caveat, not all cheap stuff is cost-worthy, sometimes those expensive ones can save you money in the long run. Ask friends and read reviews on the Internet, chances are you will get enough insights on the kind of equipment that you would need in implementing an exercise routine.

Find pre-loved equipment to use

There is nothing wrong in using pre-loved gym equipment as long as they are in excellent running condition. It is not like you will get the cooties if you use a home treadmill that was already used. Generally, used equipment may be at least 10 percent cheaper than the new equipment. However, there is a catch since these equipment are already used, the mileage will not be as it is supposed to be.

Cook your own food

Cooking your own food is always cheaper because you do not have to pay for the ambience, the service plus the tips if you are regularly eating at restaurants. There is no shame in bringing your own lunch at work and eat at the corporate pantry. If you cook your own food you will be assured that there would be no MSG on your Chow Mein or too much fat on that Turkey breast. You lose weight and save money in the same time.

Look for free trials and coupons

Most gyms would offer free trial or discounted rates. This is part of their marketing mix. Take advantage of these opportunities because it will not only give you the chance to work out but it will not also hurt your pocket as much.

Play outside some more

Who says that just because you are in your 30s or 40s you are not allowed to enjoy the great outdoors? Try to hike with friends during weekends. Run a mile when you are free. Perhaps join a fun run that the company sponsors. These little things can add up and help you lose weight without even spending anything.

It only takes a creative mind to find ways to cut corners without forsaking the fact that people needs to be healthy. The fact of the matter is people give less value in investing for their own health. Be as it may, there are things that people can do in order to lose weight and still stay on track with the budget.

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Ryan Rivera used to suffer from anxiety attacks for seven years.  For more information regarding these topics, check out his Calm Clinic Google+ account.

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