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  Adding exercise into your daily routine is definitely a necessity, especially if you are looking to improve your overall health and well-being. The fact of the matter is that people who exercise are often healthier than those who do not exercise for a number of different reasons. When you exercise on a regular basis, […]

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Editor’s Note: The following guest blog post was submitted by Maria Dublin, a member of the PR team for Visit for a great selection of desks and chairs for the home office plus free shipping on every desk, every day. When working in home offices, you may need to sit around all day […]

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26 Mar, 2011

How to Fix Your Own Power Beverage

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Since commercial power drinks are usually expensive, many people seek ways of making their own energy drink. An energy drink, sometimes referred to as a sports drink, is a mixture of vitamins, sugar stimulants and herbal extracts that is meant to boost your body psychologically and physically. It has a restorative property and greatly improves […]

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22 Mar, 2011

Relief from Back Pain

Posted by: BeeZee In: Health

Back pain is a common problem among many adults. Many people experience back pain because of their habits and daily routines. People nowadays spend long hours sitting in front of a computer while at work. We also spend some time sitting while driving to and from work or when in a bus or taxi. Then […]

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Building muscle mass takes time. Sometimes it requires you to change your diet in order to work in more protein. You’re not going to build muscle in an effective manner if you’re just drinking energy drinks and eating Subway sandwiches. You should work into your diet a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as […]

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