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Hate having to wait around to use a piece of equipment? Ever feel uncomfortable working out next to the fitter/stronger guys or gals at the gym? Are you always coming up with excuses not to go because it just doesn’t fit in with your day? If this sounds like you, then bringing the commercial gym […]

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21 Feb, 2011

Optimize Your Workouts With Lighting

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Home gyms are typically set up in the largest unused space in the home. Often, that’s the basement. The problem is, the basement is also typically the most poorly-lit area of your home. Half-windows never let in enough natural light to suffice, and any existing ceiling fixtures were not likely selected for quality. For some […]

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  Today, most people have such busy lives that they hardly have any time for themselves. With work, the kids, and managing the household, it is no wonder that making time to go to a gym is nearly impossible. Although most of us have very little time for personal activities, it is important that we […]

01 Jun, 2009

Setting Up a Home Gym

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Getting in shape is on the minds of many individuals these days, even if you’ll never look like a college cheerleader or movie star. Some choose to obtain gym memberships whereas others would like to have the convenience of working out at home. For the latter group of individuals, creating a home gym might be […]

Many benefits of having a fitness room or a gym in one’s own home span from the economic to the plainly convenient. Having the ability to get a full body workout by simply going into another room in the house beats stepping outside and traveling to the public gym any day. A home gym gives […]

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