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It should come as no surprise to anybody who works out that your diet is a very important part of reaching your success level in the gym.  If you have a lousy diet made up of fast food, candy, pizza, and soda, you probably aren’t going to maximize your benefit from all of your hard […]

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20 Aug, 2012

Atlanta Rehab Centers

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A friend of mine from Atlanta recently called me to tell me that his son was struggling.  He was back in rehab for an addiction that he picked up while playing college basketball.  It seems as though the members of the team began taking Adderral during finals week a year ago and then continued to […]

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22 Jul, 2012

Medical Software at its Best

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If you work in the medical business, you know how complex and difficult medical billing can be.  Those medical billing forms can be a nightmare to process and complying with HPAA regulations is so very important.  A small business office simply can’t do it on their own. That’s why there is the UB-04 software to […]

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It happens to the best of us.  It can happen to you.  It can happen to me. It’s alcohol and not the casual drinking kind of alcohol.  It’s the problem drinking kind of alcohol. If you are in need of Atlanta alcohol rehab or Atlanta Drug Rehab then you should know that you have somebody who cares […]

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15 Apr, 2012

Thank You Notes

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Thanks to Erasmo Cortez I got married this past summer. I am still getting used to married life. I have about 25 thank you notes left, and while that might sound like a lot, compared to how many I started with, that’s nothing. I try to make each thank you note personalized to the person […]

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