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 This is no surprise.  Kids need exercise just as much, if not more, than adults do.  As we start a new year and a new decade, it’s time to get Junior away from the computer and out playing.  He doesn’t have to be a star athlete like his parents are, but he needs to exercise […]

If there is only one piece of equipment that you can have in your home gym, it should be a treadmill.  A treadmill works your cardio and you can do it year round.  And, there’s nothing sexier than a healthy heart. Another piece of equipment that is great exercise, and a little more challenging is […]

02 Mar, 2009

Lease an Exercise Bike

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Are you an individual wanting to try an exercise bike before you buy? Or perhaps you own a gym and would like to upgrade or obtain additional bikes. Either way, you may want to consider an exercise bike lease to try before you buy! Put an exercise bike in your home for a lot less […]

Stationary Exercise Bikes – Still A Top Choice For Overall Fitness In all the craze over new fangled fitness equipment, the exercise bike often gets overlooked. Stationary exercise bikes have been around for many years, which can lead some people to think they are outdated or not as effective as newer types of equipment. But […]

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