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12 Jul, 2011

Losing Weight the Acai Berry Way

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Rarely do we like to hear the word ‘diet’. It has a tendency to invoke images of salads, soups and smoothies as well as an instantaneous feeling of deprivation and hunger. However, ‘diet’ is not always synonymous with ‘denial’. Countless people who are determined to lose weight make one fatal mistake – they embark on […]

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01 Feb, 2011

Ten Fun Facts Worth Knowing About Vitamin A

Posted by: BeeZee In: Diet|Vitamins

You might think that something like Vitamin A is too boring to actually be interesting. As it turns out, there are some pretty fun and important things to know about it. Here are some of those facts – namely, ten of them – which you might appreciate. First, vitamin is considered to be a fat-soluble […]

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I am a busy guy. I juggle work, family, and my social life. To top off my hectic lifestyle, I believed I wasn’t always eating healthy. My daily diet sometimes consisted of fast and ready-to-eat foods. This explains why I sometimes get sick. I don’t have all the time in the world so I obviously […]

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We’ve all heard about the benefits of drinking a glass of red wine every day.  Studies show that consuming red wine daily reduces heart attacks, controls cholestorol, and reduces depression. It makes sense.  Many of us eat better balanced diets than the French or Italian populations, but the average life span in France and Italy […]

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Probably the most glorious years of one’s life, the teenage section is all about looking good and dressing smartly. Sculpting muscles is not just a guy thing but also something that girls do too, even cheerleaders. Once you are 16, you can easily perform weight lifting exercises to give you muscles you want to flaunt […]

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