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11 May, 2012

Lifting Heavier Weights to Build Muscle

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Most people know that they need to lift weight build muscles. However many just want to have nice muscle tone and an attractive but not too muscular body as they do not want big muscles. So they just lift light weights with high repetitions. Well, it is not going to work. To have nice muscle […]

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By Chris G Pap, special contributor to Before we step into the analysis of Arnold Schwarzenegger workout principles, we should try to take a look at his background and history. Arnold is without a doubt the greatest bodybuilder of his time and one of the best of all times. Millions of people were inspired […]

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By Mike T Edwards, special contributor to Vin Diesel has an extremely well built body with killer six pack abs. He has one of the most well sculpted bodies in Hollywood. Men everywhere would die to attain a body like his and women of all ages go crazy over him. To tone and shape […]

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The idea of a dream body may elude some people, while others they would love to find out the best ways to gain muscle. Such persons may want a couple of inches on their chest, shoulders or arms. Some fitness extremists may want to gain up to 30 pounds of mass. This is not an […]

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