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16 Nov, 2011

Find Discount Home Gyms

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There’s no question about it, when it comes to working out, most Americans fall sadly short. However, working out at home can be a great way to save time and make sure you get a great workout. If you want a serious pump, you have to incorporate some sort of weight lifting into your workout […]


21 Oct, 2011

Get Fit with a Home Gym

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Getting fit is a message we hear often however most of us do not have the time to do this. With work and other commitments it seems hard to get a work in at all. We try to do the right things however it seems like we are stuck on a treadmill we can’t get […]

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  Today, most people have such busy lives that they hardly have any time for themselves. With work, the kids, and managing the household, it is no wonder that making time to go to a gym is nearly impossible. Although most of us have very little time for personal activities, it is important that we […]

If there is only one piece of equipment that you can have in your home gym, it should be a treadmill.  A treadmill works your cardio and you can do it year round.  And, there’s nothing sexier than a healthy heart. Another piece of equipment that is great exercise, and a little more challenging is […]

13 Jan, 2009

Advantages to a Home Gym

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Home Gym Equipment A new year means new year resolutions, a top one being to live a healthier, fitter life. With fitness being a choice for a healthier life style, exercise is key. However, if making time to visit the gym seems too much of a chore to fit in to your busy schedule, then […]

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